Friday, June 22, 2012

Podcasts are what get me through the day

Damn Podcast are the best inventions known to man!!! This first illustration is based on a rant at the end of Smodcast Episode 214: W-KUM. They say they want to make a sitcom that would have Mosier talk to his future children that he doesn't have thanks to a vasectomy. They then went on a tear about time travel and podcasting on the titanic and rompe room so it reminded me of Mr. Peabody & Sherman. So I made this

Also This week the Godzilla episode of How Did This Get Made was awesome and I wanted to make a t-shirt design from something Jason Mantzoukas said. There is a back but I can't get it to upload but just picture Faith No More's Greatest hits album with the question mark on it and you get the idea.  My buddy at work did the lettering and the back fun times!!!

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