Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learning Illustrator one flyer at a time

I really should take a class on this program but instead I just mess around and make flyers and random art. Sad bit is no one has ever asked for me to do this for money or for free.
Here are some flyers that I liked from oldest to most recent

Trying to harshen up the cuteness #4 (Pig Guts)

Trying to Harshen up the cutness #3 (Pukey)

Fart Joke

Trying to Harshen up the cuteness #2 (Gleep got glopped)

Space Squid


Freelance Whale?

1 comment:

Phillip J. Mellen said...


I really like the style throughout! Very humourous and some are slightly gross, especially the puking dude! I live vicariously through your "ILL"ustrator skills, hahaha! Can't wait for more...