Friday, December 3, 2010

Old Things!

Here is a list of bands I have been in and and some links if you are interested, Plus one Comic book idea I had that still could come back to life some day.

As Maminas Galinas
(the worst/best band)

Taste Like Burning
(Weird Post metal before I knew what it was)

Entrails of Angels
(I was in this band for a second.They have all gone on to be in killer metal bands)

Catheter School Girls
(Spook Rock)

Barycoise Orchestra
(Improv/Mathy Jam)

Cardboard Fort

Mother & Child
(Lo-fi weirdo Folk)

(Caveman metal band I am in now)

Fire Bush
(Noise rock)

Cut Paper Comics
(Matt Reinke and I wanted to make comics based on random words pulled from a hat)

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