Many years ago in a small cabin deep in the Massachusetts woods and surrounded by thousands of red appliances and kitchen utensils some bad/amazing art was born.  Erin, Mark, and I were trying to make the best of a boring night and just when we thought it was over, Stephen Hawking saved the party.  Before this blog, before graduation, before my need to share everything I have, and even before Internet Memes...there was this series of drawings.  Every week I will unleash a new one to the world.
*Disclaimer these are all just terrible jokes.  This is all made in bad taste*

This was the book that started it all!

This book is awesome and also
spawned my favorite drawings ever.

 I was truly trying to draw Stephen Hawking
and then ended up with this
"I Fuck in this chair"

"People never ask me to try on my glasses...I think it's the chair."

"People tell me I look like Steve Tylor."
I think we meant Steven Tyler

"My new album drops in May, it's called Black holes and Black Hoes"
I think he is supposed to be a dirty south rapper who knows

"Sometimes the other Physicists call me Hot Wheels Mcgee"

"I see you."

"gaaaa...I have a transvestite fantasy"

Apparently Steve has an assistant named Renaldo

I am assuming that Renaldo saved him and now there is a
1940's Fax machine in the foreground with Stephen imagining he is doing some gross
stuff and wanting a root beer float.  That is what I think is going on here

And Renaldo! comes through with a root beer float
"Finally, I didn't know they Stacked shit that high."

"Dinosaurs DO exists!"

"Special Olypmpics, Smechial Olympics...I win at Everything!"

"Sometimes I dress up in a Mexican Wrestling Masks and run Cockfights"

"We built this city!"


"Limp Dick or not Viagra keeps me going"

David Schwimmer?
No It's me Mark!

With my Hoveround, I can even go to the Grand Canyon!!!
Hoveround...  Hoveround... Hoveround...
Event Horizon makes me hard!
More to come....